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27 September 2009

The Dragons of Ordinary Farm

The Dragons of Ordinary Farm is an exciting beginning to a new five book series. The plot is incredibly clever, the characters interesting and mysterious, and best of all it has dragons! Doodled Books has long been a fan of Tad Williams - he has millions of readers Worldwide for his fantasy and science fiction work. He is also a New York Times Bestselling author. A few months ago we were delighted to learn that he and his wife, Deborah Beale, now have a book for young adults. This is her first book and they are currently writing the next in the series called A Witch at Ordinary Farm. Tad is also currently writing comic books and film and television scripts as well as novels. Plus one of his books called Otherland is being converted into a game.
Doodled Books has a rare scoop of 26 double signed, lined, doodled, numbered rare first edition books in stock. Each is a first edition first printing with a unique character drawing. Some have vintage polariod photographs in the back of the books that come direct from the authors. These books definitely have a unique collectibility that will not be repeated.
This series will no doubt appeal to a wide audience. And with World famous authors Christopher Paolini (Eragon) and Terry Brooks (Magic Kingdom of Landover) giving it great acclaim it will be one to watch.
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These are not to be missed.

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