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29 September 2009

Only 10 Rare Books in the World - James Bond meets the Da Vinci Code in this Debut

Hope you had a fantastic day. Today you can order a real page turner called The Best of Men by Claire Letemendia. This is her debut book and it was ten years in the making. Beaumont her lead character is the James Bond of his time and this period piece is thrilling. The social and political detail are fascinating and the cipher theme has a historical echo of the Da Vinci Code. The book is intricate and detailed and has a huge cast list, but the writing is sharp and teleports the reader right back to 1642. As historical novels go, this is awesome and you really get to care about the characters, even some of the villains.

This book is highly recommended and some critics are comparing her work to CJ Sansom and Iain Pears. The UKs leading bookstore Waterstones voted The Best of Men as the New Talent Book of the Month.

Doodled Books has just 4 ultra rare signed, lined and doodled books for you to order - the rest sold out on pre-orders. See this link for more details

This really is a gargantuan feast fit for a king so start your collection now!

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