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05 January 2010

Rare Hodd Books by Adam Thorpe

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Who was Robin Hood? Hodd is a brilliant new book which puts a new spin on this famous question. After only a few weeks this title went into a second print run and it has proved very popular.

It’s hard to think of an English folk hero with more broad appeal than Robin Hood. This is testified to by the sheer number of times his story has been turned in to films and TV series. With Ridley Scott’s version, starring Russell Crowe, hitting the big screen this year, and the BBC’s primetime adaptation reaching its third series, Adam Thorpe’s new novel is a timely reminder that the origins of the story almost certainly have very little to do with men in green tights, dispossessed nobility or doing anything for the benefit of the nameless poor.

Hodd is definitely an ambitious piece of work not to be missed. Doodled Books has just 17 rare first edition first printings in stock. Each book is signed, lined, dated, doodled and numbered. To view them click here

The book has also had some amazing reviews in national newspapers such as The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian.

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