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05 January 2010

Sweet Sorrow by David Roberts

Good Afternoon!

I hope you had a great Christmas. Today you can pre-order the long awaited final Lord Corinth and Verity Brown title. Sweet Sorrow is a brilliant book by the talented author David Roberts. It has class written all over it. This series of books has been featured in the Book and Magazine Collector and many of the titles are now worth hundreds of pounds. Rumour has it that this series will hit the small screen as it's very much like Poirot.

Each book will be signed by the author. They will be UK First Edition First Printings. The books will also be doodled, lined and dated by David Roberts. These books are exclusive to Doodled Books collectors and with the print run estimated at over 1000 books this makes these copies very sought after. A truly wonderful collector’s item which in our opinion can only soar in value!

To pre-order a book visit our exclusive Secret Zone:

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