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20 February 2010

Rare Hyper Modern Books by Ana Fischel - The Next Big Thing?

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Now a brand new epic series by Ana Fischel has come to the forefront of the Book Collecting World! The Twelve Quests is a series of children's fairy tale books that revive the darkly Gothic atmosphere of the 19th century and reignite the richness of European folklore. This series of modern classics tell the woeful tale of ten year old twins, Albert and Florence Leadington, who are forced to embark on an extraordinary trip to complete twelve devious and deadly quests.

Their epic journey begins in 1849 and times were as bad as bad could be for most people, indeed Victorian London was certainly not a pleasant place if you were poor but even worse if you had the misfortune to be stuck in Mrs. Snagglesnarle's orphanage, which was exactly where Albert and Florrie found themselves. However, one fateful day the strange and hapless Mr. Arthur Canarthy turns up and informs them that their parents are in fact alive but cursed.

Doodled Books has secured all the exclusive rare books for our collectors. The publisher You Write On was so impressed with the series the first six books were published straight away.

Yes this 12 book series will have you gripped from page 1. And the whole concept could be a huge as The Highfield Mole, Harry Potter, Alex Rider all rolled into one.

The first collectable set of The Twelve Quests Book 1 Bluebeard’s Key consist of six variants of doodle. Each book is also signed, lined and dated. They really are a must have collectable book for 2010 as the doodles are stunning!

These books are incredibly rare and we only have limited stock. To view the books visit the Secret Zone:


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