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07 February 2010

Tommy Storm and the Galactic Knights Rare Books

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Tonight Doodled Books proudly presents a breathtaking second space adventure called Tommy Storm and the Galactic Knights. In this comical and imaginative creation, earthling Tommy and his four Milky Way friends are Galactic Knights - on a mission to save the Universe from pending destruction. Time is running out and the knights have many challenges in their way: they face the dreaded Beast of Hellsbells, must resist the allure of fame on an intergalactic gameshow and escape the deathly intents of the sherbet-addicted Nack Jickelson and the suicidal Chocolate Terrorists. All the while evil mastermind A-Sad-Bin-Liner is planning to unleash his plot of mass destruction and Tommy will be forced to choose between his friends and his ambition, between the universe and his own life.

Each book has been signed, lined, dated, doodled and numbered 1 of 1. CLICK HERE for more details.

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