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15 April 2010

The Next Big Thing Since Spiderman?

Do you remember last year when Entertainment Giant Disney announced that it was going to buy Marvel and take over ownership of over 5,000 characters including Spiderman and X-Men? Soon after there was a record breaking sale of the first ever Spiderman comic. It would be amazing to have the insight to invest in something like that…
Well now a fabulous new comic book series has been launched in 2010. Imagine a Bogart and Bacall movie recast with Laurel and Hardy. Dressed in dog suits. That's not really quite what Good Dog, Bad Dog is like but still, imagine. Good Dog, Bad Dog, meanwhile, is a knockabout comic noir adventure comedy full of slapstick humour, terrible puns and exciting action. It's inspired by all the old black and white film noirs that we all love but it's unpretentious fun rather than arty homage (though hopefully with a touch of class about it). Comics guru Paul Gravett praised its "snappy patter and clever twists" and called it a "punchy, fast-paced ... witty yarn" and that's pretty much what Dave Shelton was aiming for. It stars canine detectives Kirk Bergman and Duncan McBoo fighting crime in their home city of Muttropolis (I did mention the terrible puns didn't I?) as they tackle villains such as evil Wah Wah Johnson and thuggish Pug Ugly, trade lines with femme fatale Fifi La Confiture and occasionally disguise themselves in unconvincing beards. It's daft exciting fun and it's got milkshakes in it: what more could you want?

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