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15 April 2010

Rare Syren Books by Angie Sage - Illustrated by Mark Zug!

Breaking news today you can order a doodled world exclusive of Angie Sage’s eagerly-awaited new novel Syren.

Yes illustrator Mark Zug famous for I-robot has signed, dated and doodled fabulous illustrations inside each book. And the internationally renowned author, who lives in Milverton, has also signed and dated each book. These are incredibly rare first edition first printings with full numberlines. Each book is in immaculate condition.

Angie’s best selling books chart the magical adventures of wizard hero Septimus Heap. Like the Harry Potter series, Angie’s novels are set to be turned into Hollywood blockbusters, the first of which is due to be released once the J.K Rowling film adaptations are complete.

Angie, who has topped the bestseller list in the USA, is currently helping with the production of a film version of the first in the series, Magyk.
Syren is the brilliant fifth book in the series of Septimus Heap. Angie Sage has definitely created a worldwide phenomenon so start your collection now.


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